Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scarlett Johansson

I really love her new album, surprisingly. Maybe its the Tom Waits covers she does, either way you should give it a listen.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I am annoyed by the trend of every food establishment labeling everything as "organic." It's so fucking condescending for so many reasons.

First of all, let's discuss why anyone would think calling foods "organic" would make people want to eat them. Obviously, people do care about their health and their bodies, and what gets put in them. And we don't trust that the people selling us food value our health. Which they don't want to care about, provided that it sells, and that no one sues them.

People are terrified of chemicals in their food, of applying new biological and genetic advancements to farming techniques. We've learned, thanks to documentaries like Super-Size Me, that lots of the shit we eat is seriously total shit. That's why people demand healthier food, to which the term "organic" came to be associated. So restaurants and food stores realized this demand, and instead of just making really healthy food, they make food that SEEMS healthy (ex. yogurt), tacked on the word "organic" to EVERYTHING, and cross their fingers that no one questions it beyond that. Then, of course, we all find out pretty soon that it's really just weird chemical shit anyway.

The word "organic" doesn't even mean anything. "Organic" means "carbon-based," hence every living thing. Not just free range chicken farms, or whatever people think of when they see the word. It's totally a misnomer, but whatever. It's adopted a new meaning, apparently. I can accept that.

But it's lost even its new meaning. It's become perverted to nothing more than a marketing catch phrase, a code word of "you can trust us" that stores and restaurants wave around as if to say, "We get it! We care about your health too, see, it's ORGANIC!" But they're only saying it because they know it's what we want to hear, not because it's true and meaningful, so all the trust it implies is gone.

It's condescending and insulting that they really believe we're dumb enough to get stoked about ANYTHING AT ALL labeled with this meaningless word. The sad part is, people actually are.

I do like the fact that food establishments are realizing that people want healthy food and that they must meet this demand or lose business. But these places are lazy. They think they can jump on this bandwagon just by adding stupid words to their menus.

Why do we have to live in a country where everything, anything that anyone comes up with or creates or decides is good is sold back into our faces shamelessly and obnoxiously? Why does every company feel it's really worth it to greedily exploit everyone else's stupidity and thus ruin good things for everyone? "Good things" being food, a key element of survival. Capitalism is making everything tacky. Can we create a modicum of quality in mainstream society? Seriously, world. Come on.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

you and whose army

life is changing very rapidly for me & im not sure if i like it.