Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Young @ heart

So lately I have been really obsessed with this group of "old folks" & their love for rock n' roll.
They travel the United States & sing at prisons and where ever else they can. Well The movie is finally coming out & I just wanted to share it with everyone. If anyone wants to go see it with me let me know.

Here is the movie trailer & a few of there music videos.

Moive Trailer

Stayin' Alive/I will survive

I wanna be sedated - Ramones

Fix You - Coldplay

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

bedazzle me please

Tonight's project.

Drop it like its hot!!


The Creepy dude watching Travis & myself.

Wasted in the haunted hotel room.
Julie & I'm creeping in the background on my phone.
Looking goofy as fuck; wasted.

The Weekly POW-WOW

Tabitha's 25th Bday PARTY